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Tips to Hire the Right Boston Movers

If you decide that you cannot take care of moving on your own hiring a reliable and good moving company is your best alternative. The internet offers a wide range of moving services finding the right one can be difficult and the process overwhelming. In order to help you find the right company, we have provided some of the things you should do when hiring movers.

Things to Remember When Hiring Boston Movers

The process of finding the right moving company can be daunting this is why we are providing you with these few tips that should make the process simpler for you.

The Initial Screening

Once you have a list of your prospected moving companies your first task should be to conduct a background check on the companies you selected. This information should confirm the company you are dealing with is reliable, as members must abide by certain rules and standards of practice. During your initial screening, you should also ask them to visit your home, this will allow them to provide you with an accurate estimate of what you should expect to spend on the move depending on the items you want to be moved. During this time, it would also be helpful to have a list of the household items that should be handled with extra care.

In summary, make sure to fully research a moving company’s background as well as their rates and how they charge, before deciding which company is the best fit for you.

Avoid Choosing Movers Based on their Price

Some people will quickly think that the moving company that is offering them with a lowest quote would be the best choice. However, you may end up incurring additional expenses since most of them are less-experienced and poorly equipped. There are rogue movers who will lure the customers with their low costs, free additional services, and special deals. In case you are hiring a moving company for a task that will only take a day, consider choosing the small Boston movers that has a great reputation. They will cost less compared to the large companies.

Ask The Important Questions

There are several details to look out for to ensure movers are reliable, professional and that your valuables will be in safe hands. The best Boston movers will provide you with all the essential information immediately without even being prompted. They should be able to anticipate what questions you have because moving is a frequent occurrence for them and they are aware of what clients want to know. Since your needs may be unique, you could have additional questions to ask such as referrals, complaints about them, different services, insurance, additional transfer as well as any additional fees.

To conclude, you should clearly communicate with the movers to make sure you are on the same page when it comes to the move itself and how much it will cost. Some extra costs may come from moving things up or downstairs, parking space for the moving equipment and vehicle and parking fees. You should be conscious of these different charges and how much they could add in terms of cost to the initial quote in order to minimize the entire cost.

Six Moving Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is an experience filled with both excitement and stress. For many finding a new place to live is only the start of the process. Then comes packing all your items and hiring movers to help you move. Here are six simple moving tips from professional movers located in Boston to make your next move easier.

  • 1. No Procrastinating.

    This may sound simple but most people end up packing on moving day. Packing can be a challenge, your best option to make things more manageable is to pack a few boxes every day leading up to your move (preferably up to a month before). You should start with items that you don’t use often and gradually pack the items you use most often towards the end. Pacing yourself can help you stay organized and make packing feel less overwhelming.

  • 2. Stick with moving boxes.

    You should always purchase moving boxes to pack your stuff since some movers will not move any other type of box for safety reasons. Occasionally, some movers will provide you with boxes once you have booked your moving day. You should also avoid using boxes from stores. Often these boxes are not clean and can break under the weight of certain items. The size differences between the boxes can also make them hard to move, stack and carry

  • 3. Label Everything

    When packing you should make sure that all boxes are labeled with their contents along with the room the objects will go in. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and allows movers to know how they should go about packing and unpacking the truck.

  • 4.Be aware of what cannot be moved.

    There are certain hazardous materials that movers cannot move such as some household cleaners, paint, car fluids, and other hazardous items. If you are unsure of what you can and cannot have moved, you should ask the movers you hire to inform you of their moving guidelines

  • 5. Pack your house one room at a time.

    When packing you should tackle the task by going room by room. This will avoid items ening up in the wrong box and/or getting lost. All fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper. If you intend to use paper be advised, as newspaper has a tendency to stain certain objects.

  • 6. Moving valuables.

    Your valuable items should be packed separately from everything else (but still properly labeled) and you should keep this box of valuables with you at all times to ensure they reach their proper destination safely. If some of the items happen to be too large, you should make that they are moved carefully and take photos of before and after the items are moved.

    Moving does not have to be complicated. Hiring a moving company of quality like Horizon Boston Movers can help make the move less stressful. If planned and organized effectively, a move does not have to be arduous.