Local Moving

Horizon Boston Movers has all the required resources to make the most complicated multi-stage moving process in a timely manner possible. Additionally, we are fully licensed and insured, further guaranteeing the safety of your belongings. You can trust us to move you and your family adequately and carefully.

How are you charged? – No Hidden Fees

A lot of moving companies will have hidden fees, we do not. No extra charge(s) for large or heavy items, packing, disassembling or assembling furniture, elevator fees or even, long carry fees.

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Why Horizon Boston Movers Stands Out:

No Unnecessary charges

As previously mentioned, unlike other moving companies we only charge when necessary. We find that our quality of work is what brings new customers to our business and brings old customers coming back for our services. Other companies will charge you an extra fee for heavy items such as pianos, refrigerators, dryers and so on for example. They could also charge you further because of toll fees, fuel and other transportation needs they may have additionally, many companies will charge you extra if you require packing services. We, choose not to charge you for all the factors mentioned above.

Adaptable moving service(s)

We understand that unexpected and unplanned events can happen during a move, therefore we do not charge extra if you want to stop our services after the minimum required labor time (We have a three-hour requirement for local moves) or, want to add extra stops on the way. We do our utmost to structure our moves in a way that allows for flexibility, this benefits not only our clientele but us as well.

Law Abiding

Like in all industries, you will, of course, find companies attempting to cut costs in any way they can, our industry isn’t any different. One of the ways scummy companies go about this is by being uninsured, unlicensed or both. By law, you are entitled to be insured $0.60 per pound when using any moving company. Not only is Horizon Boston Movers licensed and insured but we can also offer you further insurance on your belongings if need be.

What leads to additional charges & How does Insurance work?

Federal law states that you have a right to be provided with insurance for $0.60 per pound of your property when using any moving company. Horizon Boston Movers can also provide you with additional insurance for your belongings if necessary, coverage would be determined by the value of your belongings along with the deductible you select.

Are there things you can’t move?

For legal reasons, there are some types of objects we are prohibited from moving for you. These things include items such as gas, paint, certain legal documents such as passports, money, phones, and animals.

In addition, it’s important to understand that there are certain appliances we cannot unplug, again as a result of certain legalities. All concerned appliances will be detailed in your contract but can include items such as dryers, washing machines, fridges and so on. Please take a look at your contract upon finalizing the move to check all concerned appliances.

What if I need storage?

Horizon Boston Movers can provide you with climate-controlled storage thus preserving your belongings in their best state. Charges for storage will depend on the amount of things you will need to store. This storage space can be available to you for any length of time whether you will need it for long or short term use. Please note that, if you ever need access to your stored items, advance notice will be necessary as a member of our crew will have to help you retrieve your items for your safety.

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