If you don’t have space for your belongings, or simply need additional storage, we can put a box at your disposal for your belongings. This enabled you to leave your stuff for a weekend or during the winter, thus giving you more space and making your house more comfortable. Packing, loading, storing and cargo distribution processes all require time, money as well as additional staff. Horizon Boston Movers can assist you with the transportation and storage of your belongings.

To make the whole process easier and headache free for you we take on all the workload to do with your belongings in conjunction with, all difficulties related to storage and safety. We offer storage services that include a complete set of logistic operations, additionally, we always take into account our client’s preference(s) as to how the move should be carried out, all the while advising them on the best storage options at their disposal.

We aim to store as many items as possible which is why we minimize the space used up by the belongings we a presently storing and because our storage is privately owned we have the ability to do this. If you ever need access to your belongings, you will need to notify us ahead of time as a member of our crew will need to help you to retrieve your belongings safely.

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