Commercial Moving

Around 200 000 companies move annually in Boston. At first glance, moving a commercial organization may seem like a big and complicated job especially for large offices. However, moving offices does not have to be such an inconvenience if assisted by distinguished professionals with experience as only a few chiefs fully understand how to organize workspace in a new place, in a timely manner and without reducing the work efficiency of the staff.

There are a few rules the self-respecting moving companies follow to ensure a good quality of service. One, you will always be required to enter a contract with clearly defined terms and duties for all parties involved, this is of important legal matter. Two, professionals must check all trucks and assure vehicle compliance to standards in order to get a license for moving activities. Three, all respectable companies provide regular training for staff to improve customer experience and safe handling and transport of your property. All these factors influence the effectiveness, profit rate and reputation of a company.

How are you charged?

Charges for commercial moves are calculated the same way as they are for residential moves which is, according to the time required to complete the move. A lot of moving companies will have hidden fees- we do not. Furthermore, no extra charges apply for large or heavy items, packing, disassembling or assembling furniture, elevator fees or even, long carry fees.

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How long is the moving process?

If the move is well planned, it usually should only take a few days, your staff could pack up all their personal belongings on Friday and find themselves working and unpacking in a new location on Monday without any complications. This, however, can only be possible if like previously explained the move is planned and managed properly. At Horizon Boston Movers we can offer you the best solution for your move, ensuring a high work speed and the safety of your property.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we can provide you with a storage service to keep all your belongings in their best state. Charges for this will depend on the amount of things you will need to store. Horizon Boston Movers aims to store as many items as possible which is why we try to minimize the space used up by the belongings we a presently storing. For this reason, among others including your safety, if you ever need access to your property, you will need to notify us ahead of time as a member of our crew will need to help you retrieve your belongings.

Can I get Insurance?

Yes, it’s unquestionable that the safety of your possessions is a pertinent issue when performing a commercial move. We can explain to you how to adequately protect your personal belongings.

Federal law requires you to be insured for $0.60 per pound of your belongings when using any moving company. Furthermore, we can also provide you with additional insurance if necessary. Coverage is determined using the value of your belongings along with the deductible you select. Your property’s safety is guaranteed, we are licensed and insured!

Are there things you can’t move?

For legal reasons there are some types of objects we are prohibited from moving for you. These things include items such as gas, paint, certain legal documents such as passports, money, phones and animals.

In addition, it’s important to understand that there are certain appliances we cannot unplug, again as a result of certain legalities. All concerned appliances will be detailed in your contract, but can include items such as dryers, washing machines, fridges and so on. Please take a look at your contract upon finalizing the move to check all concerned appliances.

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