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Moving apartments is a demanding and time-consuming process if not properly planned. We can do all of the hard work instead of you from packing and unpacking to moving all your furniture, books, glassware, clothes and other stuff without any damage.

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There are a lot of inconveniences to be considered when preparing for a move. If you don’t possess specialized equipment and the proper skills and experience your chances of moving successfully on your own are very slim. That’s why Horizon Boston Movers company is here to assist you and make this process simple and headache-free for you.



Moving furniture, servers, and archives is a complicated endeavor. We provide a fast, reliable and high-quality service around the clock, seven days a week. As our services are offered all twenty-four hours of the day requesting a night moving is unproblematic, we can make sure the work is done by the morning.



If you don’t have space for your belongings, or simply need additional storage, we can put a box at your disposal for your belongings. To make the whole process easier and headache free for you we take on all the workload to do with your belongings in conjunction with, all difficulties related to storage and safety.


Packing Services

Time is money, and it might be easier for you to outsource the overwhelming and daunting task of packing your belongings to us. Beyond packing your grandparent’s old shot glasses and embarrassing photos of you as a child, we’ve handled rare artwork, delicate instruments, jewelry and expensive electronics. The chances are high that we actually know how to pack those items better than you (in our humble opinion), so give us a quick call or email to inquire about how we can help organize your things for the big move.


Order Packing Materials

There is no additional fee for having Horizon Boston Movers help you pack on the day of your move. Because you are billed only for the time you need our services, moving specialists can help you organize and stow your belongings carefully and efficiently for free.