Long Distance Movers – Boston, MA

Long Distance Moving Services – Boston, MA

A lot of moving companies will have hidden fees, we do not. No extra charge(s) for large or heavy items, packing, disassembling or assembling furniture, elevator fees or even, long carry fees.

Long-distance moves can easily become a source of stress if not planned and prepared properly. Difficulties can come from a myriad of things such as furniture weighing more than anticipated or being too large to conveniently take out of your house through doorways, in cases like this specialized equipment and experience is required. If you want your moving process to be simplified our services are for you!

Several notions should be taken into account when moving long distances:

  • It’s necessary to pack all belongings thoroughly and fix it while in transport
  • Moving belongings to another state requires careful dismantling and the selection of special packages and marked with the proper details
  • While accomplishing such work vehicles must be sealed
  • It’s necessary to consider a type and time of transportation to be at the point of destination on time, as well as to avoid traffic jams.
  • A long-distance move needs to be booked at least three to four weeks before the move is to be executed

We are capable of tackling all your problems and take into account all the details.

How am I charged?

We charge flat rates for long-distance moves. Charges will be applied only if you need any additional services such as additional storage, expedite long-distance delivery or packing materials.

When is it best to schedule the move

Long-distance moves should be booked a minimum three to four weeks before the actual move is scheduled to happen. However, everyone has a tendency to move around the same time, for this reason, it’s often judicious to book your move even more in advance than four weeks before in order to make sure you move exactly when you want to.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we can provide you with a storage service to keep all your belongings in their best state. Charges for this will depend on the number of things you will need to store. Horizon Boston Movers aims to store as many items as possible which is why we try to minimize the space used up by the belongings we a presently storing. For this reason, among others including your safety, if you ever need access to your property, you will need to notify us ahead of time as a member of our crew will need to help you retrieve your belongings.

What about Insurance?

Federal law states that you have a right to be provided with insurance for $0.60 per pound of your property when using any moving company. Horizon Boston Movers can also provide you with additional insurance for your belongings if necessary, coverage would be determined by the value of your belongings along with the deductible you select.

Are there things you can’t move?

For legal reasons there are some types of objects we are prohibited from moving for you. These things include items such as gas, paint, certain legal documents such as passports, money, phones and animals.

In addition, it’s important to understand that there are certain appliances we cannot unplug, again as a result of certain legalities. All concerned appliances will be detailed in your contract, but can include items such as dryers, washing machines, fridges and so on. Please take a look at your contract upon finalizing the move to check all concerned appliances.

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